Office of Innovation

Inventive Problem Solving

IPS helps solve complex technological problems by supporting both the analytical and solution-synthesis stages of problem solving.

Our 5-step IPS process is:

1) Document the problem

2) Formulate the problem

3) Prioritize opportunities for Innovation

4) Develop solution concepts

5) Evaluate results and plan implementation

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Inventive Problem Solving Educational Programs
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I-TRIZ Overview - Ideation Office of Innovation
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Anticipatory Failure

AFD is a cost-effective method of analyzing and predicting failures in products and processes. It guides users in documenting the situation, formulating the related problem(s), developing hypotheses, verifying potential failure scenarios, and finding solutions to prevent or eliminate the problem(s).

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AFD Introduction
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Directed Evolution

DE drives Innovation and growth proactively instead of relying on reactive responses to traditional and uncertain technological forecasting. DE is a process for analyzing and evaluating a system from both technological and market standpoints, developing a comprehensive set of possible scenarios for future evolution, establishing a decisive course of action, securing intellectual capital and defining a plan to create next-generation products, processes, and technologies.

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The Underlying Assumptions of Directed Evolution
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Don’t Try to Predict the Future, Engineer it with Directed Evolution
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Intellectual Property

IP validates and increases the value of your Intellectual Property. Our analysis will reveal opportunities for enhancing your IP’s value and protecting it from inf ringement and circumvention.

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Ideation IP Services
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Ideation TRIZ-based System for Enriching and Strengthening Intellectual Property
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