Who We Are

Ideation International is a private, U.S.-based company founded in 1992 and headquartered in , Michigan. The company focuses on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, also referred to by its Russian acronym TRIZ. Ideation provides a structured methodology for resolving complex problems, marketed via educational programs, analytical services and a line of software, TRIZSoft, which together provide the resources necessary to control the innovation process. Ideation is fortified by a staff composed of the world’s leading TRIZ scientists, who have advanced this scientific theory with powerful new applications and software tools to meet the needs of today’s competitive marketplace.

Our Business
Ideation’s business is to help enterprises with the essential function of innovation by accelerated education, innovation software tools, and analytical services. products and services based on the IdeationTRIZ Methodology (I-TRIZ) and built around its core competencies: Inventive Problem Solving, Anticipatory Failure Determination, Directed Evolution. This set of applications is designed to allow enterprises to resolve difficult and critical inventive problems, eliminate technological roadblocks, predict failures, invent future generations of business- and technology-based systems and processes.

Our Mission
At Ideation, we believe that by taking a proactive approach to the innovation cycle and by partnering with our clients, the complex challenges that block the pathway to innovative achievement will become breakthrough opportunities. Our mission is to continue to adapt and advance the IdeationTRIZ Methodology to meet the needs of any enterprise, industry or academic institution.

Our Philosophy
Ideation’s hallmark is the ability to recognize and meet the immediate and long-term innovation needs of our clients. One way we accomplish this is by continuously seeking ways to adapt and enhance our products, our services, and the methodology itself.

Our Committment
We are fully committed to assisting our customers in establishing an innovative framework for success. We have helped increase profits strengthen product development in such ways as:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Decreased time-to-market cycles
  • Superior product quality
  • Controlled product costs
  • Conquering technological roadblocks

Ideation is committed to delivering a high level of competence and integrity to our customers, as well as providing them with economical products and services. This commitment allows us to be the very best at what we do. Our customers become our partners in a strategic innovation alliance, by which complex challenges become opportunities for success.

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