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The Harmful/Useful Diagram

Innovation with I-Triz In a 3D Virtual World

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Breaking the Market Constraint – The Speed to Invent

Do You Have Problems?

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Using an “Ideality-First” Methodology to Evolve the Requirements of a Software Product

Incorporating the Notion of Context Into the ITRIZ Knowledge Base

Innostructure: The Need for Corporate Infrastructure Supporting Innovation

I-TRIZ: Anyone Can Innovate on Demand

If You Can’t Innovate, Litigate

Innovation’s Vital Role in Germany

The 21st-Century Employee: The Innovation Worker

How Composites Entrepreneurs Can Nurture Innovation, Invent on Demand, Incorporate Value Adds, Solve Critical Challenges, Get Ideas to Market, and Leap Frog the Competition

South Carolina Comes Calling to Woo Israeli Innovation

Innostructure: Managing Innovation as Business-Critical Infrastructure

Envisioning a Multilevel, Open-Content Social Network for a Worldwide Community of I-TRIZ Practitioners

New Generation of Innovators

Patent ‘Troll’ Tactics Spread

Rising to the Challenge: U.S. Innovation Policy for Global Economy

Why Every School Needs an ‘Innovation Day’

Teaching Innovation-On-Demand in an Undergraduate Information Technology Program

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in IT Using PINE-TRIZ

The Eastern Way: How Chinese Philosophy Can Power Innovation in Business Today

TRIZ and Software Fini