Intellectual Property Evaluation and Enhancement (IP)

Intellectual Property Evaluation and Enhancement (IP) – validates and increases the value of proprietary technologies, inventions, patents and patent portfolios. IPC uses computer-assisted processes for the evaluation, opinion formation, and forecasting of inventions and patents, which can have a major impact on increasing IP portfolio value and growth. Our analysis will reveal opportunities for enhancing your IP’s value and protecting it from infringement and circumvention. 

IP application is supported by the following software:

  • Invention Enhancement – proprietary professional tool designed to support the process of increasing the invention’s value by broadening its application and strengthening its protection by using proprietary analysis technique and unique knowledge base
  • Invention Evaluation – proprietary professional tools designed to support the process for the estimation of the invention’s potential by using unique knowledge base. Provided in two versions: abbreviated based on 9 parameters; full version based on 34 parameters
  • Disclosure preparation – tool to help an inventor prepare invention disclosure for a provisional or non-provisional patent application.

General IP services

Special IP services for universities