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We would like to introduce you to the Innovation WorkBench®(IWB) software. The webinar is intended for those who do not yet know this software, as well as for existing users. Ideation is now pleased to announce the release of the Innovation WorkBench (IWB) 4.x.  The new version incorporates enhancements prompted by users for over the last 10 years as well as recent advances made to the I-TRIZ methodology. New features among others include friendlier user interface, multilanguage support, more effective project and license management, Imbedded search engine for the internal knowledge base, availability of refine (more specific) directions for innovative solutions facilitating teamwork in brainstorming mode and many more.

The Innovation WorkBench®(IWB) software is a professional tool developed to help users solve the most challenging technological problems and provide solutions for red-alert emergencies. The software incorporates powerful problem-solving features packaged in a user-friendly format. IWB software features a Problem Formulator® that has been significantly improved as an analytical knowledge-transfer tool which helps identify and bring into sharp focus the interplay of cause and effect between useful and harmful functions in any system, including but not limited to business or engineering application. Besides access to over 400 Inventive Principles or “operators” (patterns of invention), the new IWB software gives users several critical advantages.

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