Ideation International Inc. services include:

Orientation4-8 hours orientation in I-TRIZ and the Ideation Office of Innovation
WorkshopsVarious project-based workshops of Inventive Problem Solving (IPS), Anticipatory Failure Determination (AFD), Directed Evolution® (DE) and Intellectual Property (IP) Evaluation and Enhancement
Note: Upon completion, workshops participants receive certificates
Analytical servicesServices in a think tank and/or facilitation mode related to IPS, AFD, DE, IP




Ideation’s training and workshops are conducted in the following manner:

  • Training and workshops are available to individuals, and/or groups to a maximum of 20 participants.
  • Each workshop is project based; i.e. the participants must complete Innovation Situation Questionnaire® (ISQ) prior to the workshop and after signing a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Each participant must have access to a computer to download appropriate software.
  • The workshop participants receive education, including detail introduction to the methodology and practice, software and books.
  • Upon the completion of each workshop and submission of project results, participant receives certification as shown below.
  • Certificates of Achievement are available for training only (without a project).

Workshops List

Workshops available as follows:

NameDuration, daysCertification
Inventive Problem Solving (IPS)3I-TRIZ IPS Practitioner
AFD Failure Prediction (FP)3I-TRIZ AFD Practitioner
AFD Failure Analysis (FA)2I-TRIZ AFD Practitioner
Directed Evolution® (DE)4-10I-TRIZ Specialist
Intellectual Property (IP)3I-TRIZ Specialist


  • Online training programs are available
  • Length of workshops may vary according to specific needs
  • Each workshop in the list above is a pre-requisite for the next one
         Exception: Special 5-day IP workshop is available for patent agents and/or attorneys
  • Special IPS educational programs and software packages are available for community colleges and universities

Contact us for full details about these workshops and programs.


Analytical services


Services provided by Ideation are customized to fit objectives, requirements, and budget of an enterprise or an individual.  To ensure complete customers’ satisfaction, Ideation has created a structured process, which includes the following steps:

  1. Non-disclosure execution; either customer’s or Ideation’s
  2. Completion of the Innovation Situation Questionnaire® (ISQ) for a challenging problem that has not been solved for at least one year
  3. Preliminary evaluation of the ISQ® by Ideation’s TRIZ scientists to ensure the problem is decipherable and/or suitable for training
  4. Providing a quotation/proposal
  5. Establishing an agreement that clarifies deliverables and customer expectations
  6. Conducting the workshop, facilitating meetings with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or generating solution concepts (when working as a think tank)
  7. Evaluation of concepts of solutions, selection of the concepts for implementation and developing the implementation plan
  8. Following up throughout the implementation until the solution concept is successfully implemented

It is the belief of Ideation that what differentiates us from others is our commitment to the customer. This is exhibited in the way we nurture the entire problem-solving process until the solutions are successfully implemented.

General IP services

Special IP services for universities