Zion Bar-El, (1942-2019)


  • 1942, June 1, born in Israel
  • Served in the Israeli army as an officer-engineer
  • 1964, immigrated to USA
  • 1992, co-founder of Ideation International, Inc.
  • 1992-1995, VP of sales and marketing of Ideation International, Inc.
  • 1996 -2019, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

As Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of Directors and co-founder of Ideation International, Inc, Mr. Bar-El performed multiple functions including those involving Sales and Marketing Administration. Mr. Bar-El managed pre-sales activities and negotiated exclusive agreements with potential clients, both nationally and internationally. He has been involved in overseeing all Ideation activities since January of 1996.


  • 1969, BSEE, Heald’s Engineering College, San Francisco, California
  • Served as an officer/engineer in the Israeli army for three years


Bowmer Technology Instrument Corporation – specialized in the technology of conductive plastics, and worked on the Apollo 14 steering system, and was part of a team that developed the first calculator (Bowmer Brain).

Olivetti – responsible for the USA sales force of over 1,000 and developed new applications of the Olivetti Desktop Computer.

General Automation – specialized in process control and data acquisitions and responsible for all West Coast OEMs.

Prime Computers – helped the president launch CAD throughout California and responsible for sales and support for all major accounts.

Forward Technology – As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, built a worldwide network of more than 150 VARs and distributors and increased sales from $1-$10 million within three years.

Mini Control – Founder of a company specializing in software for aerospace companies.

Micro Project – Founder. Responsible for building board level products such as CPUs, memories and controllers and integrating them into the Unicorn computer system.

Mr. Bar-El has also been responsible for building sales networks around the world, establishing reliable customer bases, and successfully generating large sales volumes and profits.


  • Was married with five children, resided in Rancho Palos Verdes, California and West Bloomfield, Michigan.
  • Hobbies included music, tennis, chess and teach creativity and entrepreneurship.