Remembering Zion

It is an incredible privilege to have known Zion, beyond words. I still remember our first phone-call. It changed my life and my way of thinking. Zion woke something up in me.

Zion was truly interested in people. I will never forget his warm friendship, his limitless generosity and his tireless energy. He always saw new possibilities, new opportunities, and never, never, never gave up.

Zion was a businessman and at the same time an idealist whose biggest drive was to contribute something to this world and to leave something valuable behind. His dream was that all children, all people, all leaders would become able to lead a good life and to contribute to a better world through becoming innovators. People like Zion are a precious gift to the world.

Karel Bolckmans, Certified I-TRIZ specialist
Karel Bolckmans BVBA
Chief Operating Officer
Biobest Group NV

Zion will always be remembered as someone who indeed always “went full steam” and never gave up.  I first met him when he was a sales person at General Automation, he convinced me to sign a contract for the purchase of several process control computers when I was a founding partner at a company that was already making its own process control computers!!!  Later he convinced his brother, a leading metals trader in New York City, to contract with us for the development of a specialized software system.  Then in the early 2000’s he convinced me to purchase licenses to the ITRIZ software suite and impressed me with his venture to bring the TRIZ technology and developers to the United States from Russia.

Bill Palmer

This is a huge loss for the TRIZ community. He was promoting the best TRIZ methodology existing today with such great enthusiasm and energy.

After working closely with Zion, day in day out, for the last several years I came to admire his energy, resilience, persistence and perseverance of spirit. …His Skype calls have become a part of daily lives for my family in the last few years.

Dr Ben S Babaii, PhD, PEng, ACGI
Social Entrepreneur and Original Co-Founder
FACE Innovation International and Canada

Ideation i-TRIZ Certified Innovation Professional and Facilitator
Mechanical Engineering Design Professional
Trained DFSS project Leader
LSS BB Level in-training
Professional Mechanical Engineer (P.Eng.)

We lost wonderful person and a good friend. Let us proceed in his spirit and promote his ideas and conceptions.

Jürgen Heß

Zion was a talented man of God, teaching innovation with Alla and Boris that is destined to help humanity across the world. I have been a fan and follower of IdeationTriz and Zion since 1996, when I first met them.  

Mike Weiner

He was always energetic, humorous and I will truly miss him. I am truly blessed to have known him. 

S Badri Narayana
Managing Director and Chief Consultant
Flame TAO Knoware Pvt. Ltd. India

Zion will be remembered as an outstanding person that I had the luck to meet and learn about family life and technology.

Yair Raz

Zion was a force of nature. I will always remember that thanks to Zion I was able to discover my mission for Innovation.


Zion changed my life and life of my entire family.

His greatest passion was promotion of I-TRIZ across the world, and I never saw anybody as passionate as he was.

For many years, after leaving Ideation, I was trying to develop my own team.

In all these attempts, I was (first subconsciously, then consciously) looking for a team leader with Zion’s features: commitment to the team business, faith in this business and disregard to others’ opinion on this business.

Alas, I had no luck in finding “Zion 2.0”. It came out that Zion was really UNIQUE…

I have not seen anybody else who combined these three key features. 

Without any of those, it is quite impossible to run and lead TRIZ business for such long time.

In my humble opinion, it was not his fault that Ideation has not become the new-era “Microsoft” or “IBM”, although there were many people who blamed him. 

They just did not understand what it meant to sell TRIZ…

Only those who really tried, could understand, respect and appreciate Zion.

He was not TRIZ genius, but TRIZ lost a lot with his death…

I still continue looking for “Zion 2.0″… This is my small tribute to the memory of Zion Bar-El.

Len Kaplan
TRIZ Master

He was one of the most interesting and brilliant people I had ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Gary Farina

Zion was a true TRIZ enthusiast, working for it till his last breath. He will never be forgotten.

Svetlana & Vladimir

Zion was someone who was greatly respected by me and dozens others all over the world in business, TRIZ and many other fields – especially for his energy and his accomplishments.


He was a man on the go right up to the very end. I talked with him just three days ago and he had many projects that he was looking forward to completing. I will miss him very much and the world has lost a real guiding light.

H James Harrington

I was always admiring Zion’s passion to life, to all colleagues, his devotion, energy and big heart and talent.


Zion has been my mentor on the innovation for fifteen years, I feel so painful of his passed away. 

Michael, T. L. Chiang
Fasinno Innovation Academy, Beijing, China

His great passion for TRIZ deeply touched each of us. We will always remember his contribution to the propagation of TRIZ and innovation.

Tianwu Zhao
Zhen Xu (Season)

Indeed Zion left his touch with each of us. A superman with endless passion that comes from the heart.

Dan Doron, permitted

I pray that Zion’s dream of significant levels of worldwide ITRIZ education, enlightenment and adoption will come true some day soon. I will continue to share the ITRIZ dream where I can in retirement with my new 13th patent pending example and ITRIZ topic briefings to local technical interest groups. I owe much of my innovative work and related patents to my meeting Zion and his encouragement to expose me to the ITRIZ innovation powerhouse.

David May

He was truly an inspiration for his indefatigable energy, passion and humour.  He makes me smile just at the very thought of him and this will stay with me forever.  


TRIZ society lost a great star.  He was really the best TRIZ expert I’ve ever met and a wonderful my teacher and friend. …I remember his teaching and the happy conversation with him, while staying in his house. Every time when I met him, I felt respect for his profound knowledge. He was very humble and sincere and warm-hearted.

Yong Won, Song permitted

Zion was always wonderful Father with big heart, taking care of the family, and great and highly energetic boss, having a lot of creative ideas and inspiring people around him to achieve great results.

Also, he was a great mentor. We spend a lot of time together both during our project meetings in office and long hours of driving together to meet our clients and partners. He tought me how to appreciate life, family and friends in good and in bad times  so I will never forget his positive, optimistic and humorous character, cheering up and energizing everyone around him even in hardest situations.


For me Zion has been a role model of a visionary-entrepreneur long before our country Israel became the startup nation. 

He dreamed big, and realized his dreams in a big way.

Amir Roggel

Zion has been a person I have met in my life that made me different after my journey with you guys. Great discussions about breakthrough innovation and about the future of tomorrow. But more simply, Zion was a real and passioned person that believed 150% what he was trying to achieve.

Carl Blanchet
Director corporative innovation
Cascades, Canada

Zion was (I still cannot believe I’m using past tense here!) a unique individual whose boundless energy and optimism was only exceeded by his love for his friend and family. I will always remember his warmth, his voracious intellect, and his devotion to the people in his life.

Bob L.
R. A. Lieberman, Ph.D.
Lumoptix LLC

Zion was such a bright star, and he will be missed by far more people that you may know. I learned of it through Ron Fulbright but did not have your email address until I received another post that contained it. He truly was a visionary made possible by you and Boris. He may have been the heart of Ideation but you two are the soul.

With sadness,
Student of Ron’s first class and first individual to purchase IWB from Zion as a result of that class. I’ll never forget the many hours we spoke together and the project we worked on from 2015 through 2017. He will always live in my mind

He always had so much energy that it makes it seem particularly hard to imagine the world without him.
I know that you and Boris are heartbroken. The 3 of you were such a good team. Now, you and Boris will need to carry the Ideation banner without Zion, and I know you will do a great job.

My kindest sympathy and warmest regards,

Gary H. Baker, P.A.

He was a fine man and a great friend. Please accept my heartfelt condolences and do not hesitate to reach out in case I can be of any help.

Warm regards

Dr. Shaleen Raizada