Our firm engaged Ideation International Inc. in June 2011 to provide consulting services in connection with a pending patent infringement case that our firm was handling on behalf of the owner of a group of patents. At the time Ideation International was engaged, a continuation application was then pending with the USPTO, but a first Office Action had not been issued. This situation presented the client and our firm with an opportunity to amend claims in the existing continuation application in a manner beneficial to the client.
Ideation International was engaged to review the pending application and publicly available information relating to the accused products marketed and sold by the defendant in the litigation and prepare a group of additional claims that could be included in the continuation application. It took Ideation International scientists – Vladimir Proseanic and Svetlana Visnepolschi – about two weeks to complete their work on this engagement. Ideation International presented a report containing in excess of sixty (60) potential new claims that the client might consider including in the application.

Robert J. Yorio, Litigator
Partner, Carr & Ferrell LLP
Co-Chair, Litigation Practice Group

Zion has a genuine heart for education and a real dedication to helping clients to find innovative solutions.
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative
Hired Zion as a Business Consultant in 2003, and hired Zion more than once

Bill Coughlin
President & CEO at Ford Global Technologies, LLC
Adjunct Professor at Thomas M. Cooley Law School

I started  using classical TRIZ over 16 years ago. About 6 years ago I became aware of I-TRIZ and have been using it ever since and I use it almost every day. For the past 4 years, I have entered a state-wide innovative business idea contest and have won five awards including the Grand Prize in 2008. (No other person has won more than 1 award in this contest.) Even though I did not win an award in the latest contest, I placed 2 ideas in the top-ten. I employ I-TRIZ in the development of my ideas for this annual contest and it undoubtedly gives me an edge. As the evolution of classical TRIZ, I-TRIZ represents the distillation of human innovative thought. By encapsulating the entirety of human innovation and making it accessible to the average person, one can stand on the shoulders of the most innovative, creative, and inventive people throughout history. Using it is like having Thomas Edison and Yoshiro Nakamatsu right there in the room with you!

Dr. Ron Fulbright,
Chair, Department of Informatics
University of South Carolina Upstate

I have found  that IWB (Innovation Workbench) is a useful addition to my student’s toolboxes in their pursuit of their design projects.  We have had a good ~ 10 year history of collaboration with Ideation International.

Dr. Paul H. King,
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Emeritus
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus
at Vanderbilt University

Ideation has created an outstanding innovative product that assists users in discovering innovative solutions for themselves.  Ideation’s revolutionary software, called I-TRIZ, has brought clarity to the long-standing mystery of classical TRIZ and simplicity of the tools that once required extended study time to master.  I discovered the power of the software five years ago, when I began applying the tools in both my new product development and continuous improvement roles.

My teams have demonstrated the remarkable ability of the IWB software tool to facilitate in solving chronic, so-called “unsolvable”, and expensive problems by removing barriers to creative thinking and eliminating typical product performance trade-offs that result in sub-optimized product functionality. The Directed Evolution software tool allows the user to anticipate the direction of a products evolution. Using this tool, my teams have created a higher level of patentable and profitable “next generation” products and processes, adding millions of dollars in new revenue to my companies’ bottom line.

Rene Kapik, Ph.D.
Medical Industry Consultant, Certified Master Black Belt
Certified I-TRIZ Specialist

I first became acquainted with ITRIZ in 2004. I soon became so enamored with its elegance and efficiency for problem solving that I chose to study it intensively and become a certified ITRIZ specialist. Since then, ITRIZ has become (and remains) my 21st century system of choice for addressing all of my strategic analytical issues: organizational/managerial problem solving, anticipation of unknown failure modes, and identification of future agency challenges.  I have also introduced its concepts and techniques to executive leaders at my agency, and to design engineering students at George Mason University, who use it on their inventive engineering challenges.

Paul Seguin, Ph.D., P.E.
Strategy and Integration Office U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Using Invention on Demand and Directed Evolution, Ideation’s I-TRIZ staff helped us turn one patented surgical device into a core of products that we used to start a company.    Our company has received its second round of venture-backed funding and will be selling its first products in the next few months.  Without Ideation’s help we would have licensed our technology and would be waiting for a royalty stream for a very long time.  For medical devices, I-TRIZ has proven to be the best way to attack a future market, solve design problems and to get the most out of the intellectual property we have.

Lee I. Fenicle,
Director Intellectual Resources Management
Creighton University